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Campervan Conversions
Campervan Conversions
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Sevel Fiat Ducato, Peugeout Boxer and Citroen Relay

The Ducato, Boxer and Relay are all built in a factory owned by Fiat in Sevel in Italy.  The large volume and 'square' body of this van make it absolutely ideal to convert into a camper van, with the near vertical walls making a spacious, airy living space not cramped by the tumblehome that is common to most of the other vans in this class.

The staff at Thistle Rose Leisure have been converting the Sevel product (Ducatos, Boxers and Relays) for approaching fifteen years.  Involved with the early releases of the Fiat Ducato whilst still in development at Sevel.

With our design knowledge, we can often produce layouts and configurations that fulfil the dreams of our customers.

The most common layouts on a Ducato, Boxer or Relay are:

Dinette, side kitchen and toilet compartment
Fixed bed over garage with dinette, L shaped or U shaped lounges
Side Kitchen - three rear travelling seats, 2 or 4 berth with elevating roof
Gangway rear kitchen, 2 or 4 berth
Gangway rear kitchen/toilet - LWB, 2 or 4 berth
U Shaped rear lounge - 2 or 4 berth
THISTLE ROSE & the Ducato, Boxer and Relay

With access to the Sevel CAD data, when Thistle Rose design a layout in the Ducato, Boxer or Relay - we know it will fit and utilise every cubic centimetre of this cavernous van.

In previous companies, Peter was involved in dynamic and safety studies and testing for the Sevel product and knows how to maximise the dynamic, active and passive safety aspects of this vehicle, so you can rest assured that your Thistle Rose conversion on your Ducato, Boxer or relay won't just be beautiful - but practical and safe too.

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