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Campervan Conversions
Campervan Conversions
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Our Range of Conversions
In this page we list the more common options for inclusion with a campervan build.
We don't force customers to take options or equipment they'll never need - instead we tailor each build and the options and accessories to our customers needs.

The following list is not exhaustive, but it does cover the majority of options fitted to our campers regularly.
CM001 Drivelodge Elevating Roof
The Drivelodge elevating roof is our preferred roof for quality and value.  Of all the roofs we fit, this one is the most trouble-free and offers a number of advantages over the better known names in elevating roofs.
With a rigid frame returning strength to the body shell and a front air spoiler to reduce the risk of the roof lifting whilst driving.
Volkswagen Transporter, SWB and LWB. Transit Custom, L1H1 and L2H1.  Nissan NV200 and eNV200

CM004 Front PVc window in roof
This is an additional cost on the Drivelodge roof but allows a great deal of light into the living space and is an option definitely worth considering
Volkswagen Transporter, SWB and LWB. Transit Custom, L1H1 and L2H1.  Nissan NV200 and eNV200

CM006 Bi-Fold Bed
This option adds a Thistle Rose bed which articulates in the middle to occupy the roof space. Our design maximises available head room in the saloon, is gas strut assisted and provides an upper sleeping compartment with a UDL of 200kg.
Volkswagen Transporter, SWB and LWB. Transit Custom, L1H1 and L2H1.  Nissan NV200 and eNV200

CM500 Exhaust
Many Euro 6 vehicles have a truncated exhaust which is acceptable in a van with a bulkhead as the gases discharge under the load bya. However once convveted to a passenger vehicle the exhaust should be extended to discharge away from the passenger compartment.Volkswagen Transporter SWB and LWB vehicles built after 2017

DG302 LH 2nd panel window
Adding the rear quarter windows makes the camper look complete and not just like a crew van.  We often fit a matching 'dummy' window to the RHS to give the impression of all round glazing. All vans
DG307 LH Sliding window
A sliding window is essential in a campervan as it cannot meet the gas regulations without an adequate source of ventilation for the saloon.  We usually fit the slider to the left hand door so it can be opened in transit by the rear passengers.All vans

DG316 RH Sliding window
Although the gas regulations are satisfied with a single opening window in the living accomodation, our customers often specify sliding windows to both sides of the van.  If on a budget, a fixed window can be fitted hereAll vans

EL213 Solar Panel
The solar panel is installed and charges the auxilliary battery via a regulator which changes the output from the 10 to 40 volts supplied by the panel into a charging cycle voltage suitable for the battery of between 13.8 and 14.4v.  Size and capacity of the panel depends on the van and customer requestsAll vans, including vans with Drivelodge or SCA roofs

FF202 Diesel Saloon heater
Literally millions of these heaters have been manufactured and insatalled world-wide, mostly in truck cabs. A little more expensive to install than a gas heater, but with lots of advantages including running costs and safety.  Reliability of these heaters far surpasses that of the gas counterpartsAll vans

FF401 Reimo multirail
An awning rail on the side of the van that allows the use of a canopy or a drive away awning to be added to the van on site.  Very discreet and functional, this is a far better optiion to a cassette awning in our opinion.VW Transporter, SWB & LWB
Transit Custom, SWB & LWB
Nissan NV200 and eNV200

FF503 B Pillar Table
This option adds a separate table that services the rotated passenger dual or single seat. The clever mechanism we use means that the table can also be rotated to provide a table outside the van with the door open - handy for outside dining and for cool drinks in hot evenings.All vans except NV200

IF202 Black out curtains
The curtains we fit are a little more sophisticated than typical curtains. They are stretched between two tracks - top and bottom - and clipped to the pillars of the van to provide maximum discretion and to keep the light out.All vans

IF208 Cassette blinds
We can also install thermal cassette blinds to the windows which retain the heat in the van and also provide a smart chintzy-free look to the interior.  They come in a range of colours and are now available with a built in midge screen.  These blinds are more expensive than the curtains, but worth considering.VW SWB and LWB only

ST520 Twin seat rotator
Most used vans on the market have a twin passenger seat supplied from the factory. There is always the option to replace this twin seat with a single when converting to a campervan, but the other option is to swivel the existing twin seat to face inwards to the living accomodation.All vans except NV200

ST504 RIB 2 seater
Our preferred seat/bed combination is the RIB Altair bed.  With a simple mecahnism to deploy the bed and with the advantage that there is a separate flat sleeping side to the bed, the RIB is the best and most comfortable camper bed available. In addition we can raedily validate the M1 certification of this bed which is something we can't say about the majority of the rock and roll beds available.All vans

ST507 RIB 3 Seater
Want a little more elbow room at night?  Or perhaps you have to regularly transport 5 or 6 people? Then you can opt for the wider RIB Altair 130cm bed with seating for three. We have configurations and designs to accomodate this more spacious seat that have very little reduction in storage space.All vans

ST52.. Front seat rotators
One of the most common additions to a campervan is to rotate the cab seats to face into the living accomodation for socialising. The permutations of rotators available depends on the vehicle type, furniture and layout - so it's alays best to check with us just what is feasible on your camper.All vans
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