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Campervan Conversions
Campervan Conversions
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The Quotation & Order Process
Once the final quotation is agreed and you place an order with Thistle Rose, we raise an order confirmation to you.  This order confirmation forms the basis of our build specification.

Once the deposit is received, the build process commences - starting with an allocation of a build slot.

A build slot is programmed into our production system based on component lead times (how long they take to arrive from ordering) and avaialable resources (when we have manpower and floorspace to build your van).  Typically the vehicle will be with us for 3 to 5 weeks in build - depending on the complexity of the camper.
Pre-Build - Design
We operate a very high-end 3D CAD system and are designated bodybuilder partners with Volkswagen AG - this means we have access to the factory bodybuilding information for the VW Transporter which takes the guesswork out of our designs.
Our computerised bill of materials system uses practices we learned whilst working for large automotive manufacturers. Everything is 'picked' and allocated to a build station ready for your vans arrival.
Strip and mask
The van is stripped out to expose all the bare metal we need to cut and to protect components whilst in build. We mask the van to protect it from swarf (metal shavings) that could damage the paintwork.
Cut and paint
Next we cut out all the apertures for the windows, the roof and any external fittings like the mains hook up. We paint all the raw edges and then fit the roof frame. We then vacuum and clean inside and around the vehicle
Insulate and Upholster
Next, we fit insulation material to the inside of the skeleton. We use insulation which does not absorb water - wool will absorb water and rot the van from the inside out. We then upholster the van and leave all all panels removable to access wiring etc.
Flooring and wiring
Next we fit a new plywood floor and vinyl and run wiring into the van for lights, mains sockets, solar panels etc. Whilst this operation is ongoing we start to manufacture the furniture using our robot arm.
Our Range of Conversions
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