Can I Enjoy a Holiday in the UK

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Can I Enjoy a Holiday in the UK

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Published by Peter Occardi in General camper info · 25 April 2022
Can I go on Holiday in the UK and actually enjoy it?!
There are many benefits of having a staycation in the UK. If you’re wondering whether campervanning in the UK is right for you, let us assuage any doubts you may have. From rolling lush green countryside to the lochs of Scotland, Britain offers so many picturesque locations that you can explore, in the comfort of your own campervan.

You can still drive on the left!
Whilst continental Europe is certainly very campervan friendly, adjusting to driving on the right-hand side of the road can often take some getting used to. There are definite advantages of holidaying abroad such as being able to camp underneath the Northern Lights and experience different culture, but there are certain regulations you would need to familiarise yourself with, especially the different speed limits etc.!
The cost
Current flight prices for traditional breaks to certain countries and ongoing restrictions can make taking your trip abroad so much more of a faff. When you have the option of a pitch for your campervan often including an electrical connection and shower facilities from as little as £15-20 per night, why would you go anywhere else? In peak seasons we advise you book ahead though, as the best sites are often booked up months in advance.
Control over your own food
We’re not denying it is definitely exciting to try cuisine from other cultures, but if you have been driving all day and really fancy a takeaway brand that you know and trust, this can make eating out so much simpler. With the storage options that we provide in conversions, you can save money and eat what you love by packing beforehand, or parking in a regular spot at your favourite supermarket with our campers. Not to mention the fantastic hospitality industry we now have here in the UK, which in our opinion is massively underrated, and is now on par if not better than our European neighbours.

Whether you like to chat, or not, Britain offers one of the best alternatives. You can engage as much as you’d like with people or not, aided by being able to retreat into your campervan should you so wish! You also do not have any language barrier issues whilst at home in the UK. In terms of future possible COVID restrictions, it means you would be in your own environment without having to worry about the potential cleaning standards of hotels.

 Compared to the rest of the UK, Scotland has a much more relaxed approach as to where you can pitch your campervan. In England, it is not legal to park on a roadside or layby so Scotland does afford you much more freedom, especially in some key popular areas such as Dumfries & Galloway and Argyllshire. Although, with the potential disruption of freighters journeying throughout the night, this might not provide you with the best night's sleep. That being said, Scotland is currently the only place in the UK that you can legally go wild camping, giving you much more of a sense of freedom. A visit from William Wallace is sadly not included.

You can similarly ask this question of Scotland, but where is not to love about England? From the lush countryside of the lake district, the rolling hills of Northumberland and Cumbria, to similar yet warmer terrain in Cornwall, England offers many options for staycations. If you fancy more of a sea resort, we are surrounded by the sea making East Anglia, Norfolk, Devon, the east coast of Yorkshire or even the Isle of Wight as potential hotspots!
Wales and Northern Ireland
If you’re looking for a bit more of a culture change, crossing the border into Wales or taking the ferry to Northern Ireland from Wales, Scotland or Liverpool can give you more of that sense of adventure or of travelling. Ferry options vary from one or two, up to 8 hours depending on where you travel from, with the option of nights or daytime crossings.
Long term value
As opposed to paying £50,000 for a 4x4 which would depreciate to as low as £20,000 over four years, you will find that due to the durability and integrity of our converted campervans that these only typically decrease by about £5,000 in the same period. Giving you longer term value, and the opportunity to visit all of the idyllic locations we’ve mentioned.
Have we missed your favourite location to go campervanning in the UK? Let us know!

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