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Campervan Conversions
Campervan Conversions
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Van Lining & Insulation
Carpet upholstery and Insulation

Looking to convert your van, no matter what size, into a campervan, day van or you just want to upgrade your work van?  We can convert your van’s metal interior into one that will feel warmer, look neater and will reduce road noise and heat loss with our van insulation and carpet lining service.
Carpet lining not only looks good but makes your van feel far more luxurious than a metal panel van.

Prices start from £448 inc VAT - contact us  here for a price for your van.
Our Range of Conversions

We would always recommend to insulate and ply-line the walls before carpeting this helps to keep the van warm in the colder months and cooler during the summer months.
The insulation we use is a lightweight and strong 7mm Thermoliner.  The Thermoliner will insulate the inside of your van against both noise and heat, is water repellent and mould resistant.  In addition, the insulation is bonded to the panels and helps reduce panel drum and therefore noise.
We would utilise any existing panels that are already in the van (to help keep the costs down).  If we are unable to use the existing panels due to there being none or panels are damaged and need replacing there would be an extra cost involved to make the panels.
We only use a high-quality easy liner on our vans.  It moulds to the awkward bends and curves that many vans have and has a high-quality soft-touch finish.  The liner can be provided in an array of colours to suit your taste.

Other services include head lining with LED lights, flooring, windows, elevating roofs right up to a full conversion.
Why not contact us today for a quotation and availability to make your van less tin box and more cosy room.

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